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♥Valentines Day Ideas♥

For those of us that aren't rich and famous, here are some [cheapy] ideas to do for significant other. It's always the thought that counts, don't let anyone tell ya different. The day can be as special as you make it, you don't have to spend a million dollars. 

♥Candles [and lots of them]♥
Candles always make the atmosphere relaxing and romantic. This is probably the most important thing to have if you can only do one thing. You can get perfectly good ones at Dollar stores, Target or Wal-mart. Spread them around the house or just in the bedroom. (But be careful and don't start a fire! Make sure you blow them out before you go bed!)

♥Romantic Dinner at home♥
Nothing's more intimate than a dinner for 2 at home. Set the table with candles and flowers and make your favorite dish. If you can't get a babysitter for your midgets, set up dinner for them in another room, then you'll still have some romantic time to yourselves.

♥The Love Nest♥
Spend only a couple dollars and get some [fake] rose petals and candles. Depending on how much you get, spread them on the bed and floor all around the bed. This instantly turns your room into a romantic getaway and will definitely get you lucky! Haha.

Gift Ideas

♥Love Coupons♥
You can buy some or make your own and definitely make them personalized for your significant other. Examples: Coupon good for back massage. Coupon good for Mommy [or Daddy] time off. Coupon good for a romantic night out. Get creative!

It is cliche but [most] everyone loves chocolate. You can't go wrong! And to make it even better chocolate is an aphrodisiac! (go for the dark chocolates if you want this bonus)

The most important thing about this day is to let your partner know you are thinking of them and love them. You don't have to go all crazy with a ton of things, just make the day [or night] personal and intimate. They will appreciate any effort you do as long as their was some effort put in. 

Have fun and Happy Valentines Day